Friday, March 8, 2013

The Disney Controversy: Re-Branding My Opinion

February 27, 2013

I really don't want to support the brand. It's hard to stand up for your opinion and speak your mind. When I think of the Disney Brand I think of women who were in search of a man to save them and heroines who were based on appearance rather than character or intelligence. I hated the fluffy crap that didn't depict actual life when I was kid. I wanted something to aspire and look up to - a story that would depict life events that illustrated overcoming obstacles and tell me it was okay for me to be intelligent and want to pursue a life of substance. When I was a kid I watched Warner Bro, PBS and was heavily into George Lucas productions. 

I didn't see Disney never represent other cultures until almost the 1990's. There were movies that I was overjoyed to see come to fruition..stories to be told that were my favorites in books. There were many good stories in the 90's that came to life in movies, cartoons, and pictures. There was the story of Pocahontas, The Emperor's new clothes, The Lion King..The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and my all time favorite movie that won over part of my heart for me to "like" them. Lilo and Stitch. "This family is broken. But it is mine. And we love each other very much".

Warner gave me Looney Tunes. Warner gave me The Wizard of Oz. Warner gave me Batman. Warner gave me Julie Garland - who met me in St. Louis.
Disney impressed me also with another story that is another of my all time favorites Mulan.

Today they have managed to bring all these brands and characters to live in re-branding. I am impressed and convinced that I am indeed a fan. Blogging is a creative form of expression and way to speak your mind. And they are speaking there brands successfully in their blogs.

The blogs the brand has created are captivating and reflect real world issues addressed through music, dance, science and individuals who are all note worthy of a further read.
You can get a glimpse of the newest song featured in their latest Oz film by taking a listen. We stumbled upon a noteworthy fan blog by another Pyxie lover be sure to check out their ramblings of good notes.

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